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I started the LL-Project when it occurred to me that, while people used to have no other way of communicating with other groups than to appoint a representative who would travel to distant lands to represent them, now that the Internet enables people to directly communicate with each other, they should do so!  The further up you go in politics and (too often) in business, the fouler it gets, so for quality communication and - dare I say it - the future of the human race, we have got to start/maintain effective lateral networking.
    Grandiose?  Just reading the above, I might well think so, but read some of the
LL-Letters - the underlying philosophy here is that what is mundane in one local is exotic in another, and underlying the daily events in all of our lives, there is profound truth lurking in the seemingly mundane details of living.

Photo Gallery
A chronological selection of my photos (newest pages at the top oldest on the bottom), along with text to explain the surrounding circumstances associated with the pictures.  If you are interested in purchasing higher definition versions of the images on display or other images from me, e-mail me for details at LLLtrs@yahoo.com.

Photo Index
An alphabetic listing of the photo pages - this is the page to use if you're looking for something by area - for example "Shinjuku", of which I have posted several pages.

Several pages of small photos - the lazy way to get photos posted!  These are sort of a second Photo Gallery, with the Photo Gallery having larger photos that more time has been invested in displaying and the Photo Batch page having a simpler (and more automated) style.

PDF Files:
PDF files of photos and text.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon
Tokyo, Japan