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I began the LL-Letters in 1996, before the word "blog" (from Web log - weblog - we blog - blog) was invented - apparently by Peter Merholz, from San Francisco, who has an interesting site (http://peterme.com/index.html).  I was happy with the system I had of mixing in my own text with contributions from members of the group - editing the letters into newsletters that I then e-mailed out to everyone on the list (LL-285 to the most recent letter can be seen on the LL-Letters page - see link above), and so I was a late and reluctant participant in the world of blogs, as can be seen by looking at my entries in blog-L in 2004 and 2005.  From 2006, I have finally climbed aboard the blog ship and - while I may issue a new LL-Letter at some time in the future, that series of letters has basically morphed into my blogs.  The links to some of these are as follows:

blog-LyleInTokyo - There is both profound in the mundane and mundane in the profound
Tokyo Art & Music - Articles, videos & photos covering art and music discovered in Tokyo
YouTube Videos - Mainly of Tokyo, from 2008 on, with some from 1990, 1991, 1992...

And here are links to the blog-L archives:

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