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Lyle H Saxon Movies

"Jiyugaoka Irish Music at Irish Pub"
One fine evening in late May 2008 in Jiyugaoka, with live Irish music at an Irish pub. - LHS

"On the Street in Jiyugaoka"
Walking around in Jiyugaoka in late May of 2008. - LHS

"Approaching Shibuya Station at Night"
Approaching Shibuya Station on the Toyoko Line at night. - LHS

"Banana Song - Columbian Bar" (Tokyo-1991)
The Banana Song, as performed by the owner of a Columbian bar in Tokyo in 1991.

"No-passing Escalator" (Why being able to pass is a good idea) (Tokyo 1991)
Tokyo-1991.  No passing possible in this view of escalators nearly completely full.  Another thing that has improved here - now people stand to the left to allow passing on the right

"Shibuya Crossing - Charging into Wall of People" (Tokyo-2008)  (Aspect ratio destroyed in upload)
Shibuya, Tokyo.  At Shibuya crossing - crossing the street, heading straight for a collision, but magically getting through the wall with no crashes.

"In the Shibuya Hachiko Square Crowd" (Tokyo-2008)
Shibuya Hachiko Square - View from ground-zero one April evening.

"Shibuya - Waiting in Hachiko Square" - (Tokyo-2008)
Shibuya, Hachiko Square.  Waiting for someone one fine evening while the cherry blossoms were still out.

"Gotanda - Escape to Past"
Gotanda Station area - starting with the modern area in front of (one side of) the station, and then diving into a side street for a blast to the past.

"Shibuya Plaza (Old Tokyu Green Train)" (Tokyo-2008)
Shibuya - The Hachiko Statue waiting area (statue not visible in this video), with the old Green Tokyu train car - the front visible on the left of the screen.  People walking about - flashing lights, announcements, people with their cell phones....

"Yamanote Line Inside Train Display" (Tokyo-2008)
The displays over the doors are bilingual (Japanese & English) for the station names.

"Toyoko Line Inside Train Display" (Tokyo-2008)
Unlike the Yamanote Line with its irritating English announcement, the Toyoko Line just has the display over the doors - which is as it should be!  Stations names are station names - they don't need to be translated!

At a Shrine During New Year's Holiday, 2008
This shrine in Tokyo is popular with students praying for good results on their school entrance tests (mainly High School & College, but there are entrance tests for elementary school and middle school at private schools as well).

Chichibu Line video #1:

Waiting for a Train at Tokorozawa Station
SStanding on a winter platform waiting for a train to come in. Trains then come in on both sides of the platform.

Shinjuku Station Morning:

Ebisu Yamanote:

Yamanote 11-car train:

Shibuya Walk to Hachiko:

Shibuya Walk from Toyoko Line to Street Level

1991 Tokyo - Hibarigaoka Rain

Shinjuku Station - West Side Ticket Gates:

1991 Tokyo - Expensive Umbrellas & Long Hair

Sardine Run (Tokyo-1991)

Off the Map (Minami-Senju, Tokyo-1991)

Saitama Countryside (1991)
The countryside just outside of Tokyo, as seen from the Tobu-Tojo Line in May 1991.

Pulling away from Shibuya Station - Shibuya Crossing

Entering Shinjuku ticket gates on the west side of the station

"Old Marunouchi Line Red Train at Ginza Station" (1991)
View of an old type red and white Marunouchi Line train coming into and stopped at Ginza Station. Of historical interest - in addition to the visual aspect - are the sounds of the train and the announcement, which seems to be from a decade or two earlier than the 1991 date. Things are quite different now....

"Ginza Reflections" (1991)

Shinjuku Old Wooden Bars Street
This walk-only narrow street of small drinking places has stayed basically unchanged for decades. While on the street, it's hard to imagine that glittering office towers are only a five-minute walk away.

Actually Full Train in 1991 (Why Flex-Time is a Good Idea)
I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for the Tokyo train system - but even this fine system running like clockwork has its limits. This video was taken in 1991 and things have improved somewhat due to increased trains and (more importantly) flex-time being allowed at many companies, but even now, when something throws the trains a little off schedule (someone taking the express checkout from life by jumping in front of a train, etc.), then things can be as shown in the video. 30,000,000 is a lot of work to move about!

Crush-Rush at Shakuji-Koen Station-1991 (Why Flex-Time was Needed!)
Again - and I need to say this - the Tokyo train system I consider to be the best in the world. Nevertheless, before flex time was allowed at many companies (1991 in this case) and when the trains fall behind schedule for some reason (errant passenger action events), it can be (*is* actually) like the images in this video. Please keep in mind that for the past five or six *decades*, the Tokyo trains system has been - and continues to be - expanded. It's an amazing system that moves 30,000,000 people around like clockwork.

Early Morning Sun at Shakujikoen Station...

Down the Stairs, Along the Platform, and Into(?) the Train (Long Version-1991 Hibarigaoka Station)
This is a long version of "Actually Full Train in 1991 (Why Flex-Time is a Good Idea)", starting with walking down the stairs from the ticket gate area to the platform, then walking along the platform, and then contemplating the possibility of getting on the train. Life in the Big Mega-City folks. Once again, thanks to flex time and increased trains, the situation is better in 2008 than it was in 1991 (when this video was taken), but still there are times, places, and situations where it still as shown in this video.

Rolling Into Shinjuku (1991)
Night train rolling into Shinjuku - looking out the window through reflection of the inside of the train.  Bright lights, big city....

"Meiji Jingu at New Year's - People & Umbrellas Walking By" (Tokyo-1991)
At New Year's at Meiji Jungu Shrine in Tokyo.  A river of people passes by with umbrellas in their hands on their way to pray at Meiji Jingu.  Very cheap clear plastic umbrellas had yet to take over the umbrella scene, so the sea of umbrellas tends to be more colorful than it is now (2008).

"Meiji-Jingu Couple Nearing the Shrine" (Tokyo-1991)
Meiji Jingu at New Year's.  The flow of couples (and others) walking through the gate that leads into the area in front of Meiji Jingu Shrine.

"Meiji Jingu Passing Umbrellas - Competting Religeous Advertisement" (Tokyo-1991)
Meiji Jingu, New Year's 1991.  People walk by with their umbrellas on their way to pray at Meiji Jingu Shrine while a competing religion plays a recorded advertisement from a horn speaker.

"Meiji Jingu Shrine - Sea of Umbrellas" (Tokyo-1991)
A sea of umbrellas marches towards Meiji Jinju Shrine at New Year's 1991.

"Meiji Jingu Shrine - Walking in the Sea of Umbrellas" (Tokyo-1991)
Meiji Jingu Shrine, New Year's 1991.  Walking in the river of people going (with umbrellas in hand) to pray at Meiji Jingu Shrine - under the trees on the long path in.

"Hand-Punched Ticket Gates in 1990 Tokyo at Shinjuku Station"
Just a year or so after this video was taken in 1990, they installed the first generation of automatic ticket gates here. In 1991 videos, the automatic ticket gates begin appear at one after another station. The first generation of ticket gates works magnetically, requiring that the ticket run through the machine, but second generation automatic ticket gates read IC-embedded cards and that don't need to be fed into the machine (although they still read individually sold magnetic tickets).

"Looking Out Saikyo Line Window Between Ikebukuro & Shinjuku" (Tokyo-1990)
The view out the evening window of a Saikyo Line train between Ikebukuro and Shinjuku.

"Walking Down Old Wooden Drinking Lane"
This street of old wooden drinking places has remained pretty much unchanged for many decades.

"Walking Towards East Exit within Shinjuku Station" (March 31st, 2008)
Walking under the tracks within Shinjuku Station - heading towards the East Exit ticket gates.

"East Exit Ticket Gates of Shinjuku Station - March 31st, 2008"
This was taken in the same spot as "Hand-Punched Ticket Gates in 1990 Tokyo at Shinjuku Station".  The dyed blond hair biped that rushes by is a gate crasher BTW - blasting through the gates going in the wrong direction with no ticket.

"Kabukicho Area - March 31st, 2008"
One view in the Kabukicho area.  This area features in books, movies, etc.

"Entering the Kabukicho Area" (Tokyo-2008)
This is one of the entrances to the Kabukicho area.  For Tokyo residents, it's mainly just another area of Tokyo, but the further you get from Tokyo, the more notorious its reputation it seems.
"Kabukicho Area - Pachinko, Restaurants, Bars... Mystery!"
Kabukicho makes for a good setting for mystery books and movies....

"Heading Towards Kabukicho" (Tokyo-2008)
Crossing the street near the East Exit side of Shinjuku Station - walking towards the Kabukicho area.

"Inner Tokyo 'Burbs" (Tokyo 2008/April)

"Typical View of the East Exit Side of Shinjuku Station"
Typical view of the east side of Shinjuku Station. From here you can do a number of things - go to a movie, restaurant, upscale department store, high-class hotel, office tower, bank, sleazy nightclub area, etc.

"Out of a Smokey Shop & Into the Clear Night" (Tokyo-2008)
In Kabukicho, outside of an old drinking place. The man walking away had just come out of it. Not entirely visible in the video clip is  ... all » the smoke blowing out of an exhaust vent in the shop, which added some ambiance to an otherwise clear night.

From Ginza to Hibiya Park (Evening)

Kurihama, by Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, Images Through Glass, Tokyo