[ 980] Life is ... 記入日時 23 July, 2005 (Sat.) AM7:10 

I'm not afraid to lose myself .
I must continue everything to die .

What is the best for me ?
How do I know the way ?

I'm just doing what I did yesterday .

Well , It's time to do it .

[ 979] Paul Smith 記入日時 22 July, 2005 (Fri.) AM7:20 

I bought goods of Paul Smith yesterday .(Diary930)
A shirt and a sleeveless shirt.
I feel excited when I wear these shirts .

So ,The paper bag is very cute too.
When I see these colors ,I imagine how I wear ,then I'll smile naturally .(^_^)

[ 978] I can't watch the Tour de France. 記入日時 21 July, 2005 (Thu.) AM6:20 

The Tour de France is only broadcasted on SKY Perfect TV . Fuji TV gave up the broadcast this year.(Diary648)

And also
Rally Japan 2005 is not broadcasted .
(30 September - 02 October 2005) .(

It can't be true !
I don't have SKY Perfect TV this year.(Diary694)

Hi Conna !
Could you record
the Tour de France digest for me ,
1 August 20:30-22:00 on J-SPORTS at SKY Perfect TV.

[ 977] The deep mountain 記入日時 19 July, 2005 (Tue.) AM7:40 

From the beginning ,
Enosima Odakyu Station is funny !

This is an imitation of "Ryuguh" from the old story .

We started
to climb Enosima .

There are many shrines ,we passed under a torii at first.

And there are many stairs on Enosima. We climbed up and down .

At last ,we reached the top of Enosima .
We prayed in the shrine .

Then I toasted to our happiness with Conna and YYY .

We stayed in
Kaizyoutei (海上亭) .
The view from the dinning room was amazing .

We went fishing at 9PM .
Night fishing is difficult for beginners ,
So we caught nothing .
YYY said "Fishing is a lot like life ."

We had a wonderful time in Enosima !

[ 976] Have you been to Enosima ? 記入日時 17 July, 2005 (Sun.) AM7:30 

I'm going to Enosima and I'll stay with ITN's member today .

Enosima is very popular in the Kanto area .
Actually we'd used the Enosima Yacht Harbor , when we used to sail our yacht in university .
But I haven't climbed to the top of Enosima yet.

By chance we'll stay on Enosima and we're going to go fishing .
What kind of fish will we get !? (
Well ,I've never been fishing ,so my friend his handle name YYY will teach me how to fish .

Of course , we'll have a good time in the drinking party tonight .
If we get a big fish , I'll take a picture ! (^_^)

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