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No.7: THE ROYAL FAMILY, Princess Masako expecting! (Jun.13, 2001)

Japan Times weekly, May 26 2001

We have royal families like Belgium, Britain and some other countries do. Sometimes the system itself becomes controversial but almost all the people love the families in Japan. Recently it was announced that Princess Masako is expecting a baby in autumn. The news made us so happy. Here is the article.

No.6: Tsukubai, or a washbasin (Jun.14, 1999)

tsukubai (36Kb)

Have you ever treated to a tea ceremony? If it is a formal one, you proceed the Roji garden and then wash hands at this point. This is a washbasin usually made of stone and set like this a few steps from the doorway to the tea-ceremony room. A ladle will be prepared on the basin then.

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