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Poems: by Tomoko Murase (New)
Poems:No.3 by Yuko Arimura 
A prize-winning poem by Yuko Arimura
A short story in English:"CLAUDIUS"

In this corner, I hope you enjoy original works in 
English or Japanese. Visitors, I would appreciate
if you write something of your own for this page. 
Please do not hesitate to mail me.

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A poem in Japanese: "A Stone" by Tomoko Murase (Aug. 20, 2001)
A poem in Japanese: "No Pain" by Tomoko Murase (Jun-26.'99)
A poem in Japanese: "START" by Yuko Arimura (Feb-24.'99)
A poem in Japanese: "A Cherry Tree" by Tomoko Murase (Nov-23.'98)
A poem in Japanese: "Fear" by Yuko Arimura (Jan-03.'98)
Translation into Japanese: "Idaten " by Yoshimi Kobayashi (Sept-15.'97)
A poem in Japanese: "Pure W h i t e" by Yuko Arimura (Jul-13.'97)
A short story: "CLAUDIUS' CONFESSION ON DOOMSDAY" by Yoshimi Kobayashi (Apr-16.'97)
Translation into Japanese: "Death and Burial of Cock Robin" by Yeemar (March-25.'97)
Parodies in English: "Three Solomon Grundy parodies" by group members (March-1.'97)
Parodies in Japanese: "Soromon Grundy Parodies" translated by Yoshimi Kobayashi (March-1.'97)
Short story in English: "Idaten" by Yoshimi Kobayashi (Sep-16.'96)

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