Moomin Pictures

--- No.4 ---

Moomin crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 27, 2004.
However, we can meet him here.
(Olympus C-2500XL digital camera since Nov.1999)

With a 2nd grader in my neighbourhood
The 11th cherry blossom viewing for me! Every time so pretty!
And I will have 12th birthday on 29th this month! (2001.04.10 update)
Yet so cold
How come the spring sun and very cold wind come together, I wonder?
Be sure you keep yourself warm. (2001.Feb.17 update)
Colored leaves falling
Beautiful day for soccer! Let's start warming up!
Seven, Eight! One, Two, Three, Four. I'll make an international player!
(2000.Nov.05 update)
Nap, nap & nap!
I, originally from Scotland, summer in Osaka has been way too warm for me.
No problem! Taking nap is the solution, Zzzzzzzzzz.
(2000.Aug.09 update)
Eleventh Birthday!
Now I'm 11 years old!
So happy with lots of flowers around me. Thank you very much for the messages, cards and presents.(2000.May.03 update)
Red Tulips!
Red tulips said "Good morning" to me.
They look so happy bathing spring sun.(2000.Spr.25update)
Soccer, Yeah!
Humans are having Cherry-blossom-viewing fever.
But I don't. I am crazy for soccer! (2000.Spr.25update)

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