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  • From Bio Journal - December 2003
    Iwate Prefecture announces that it will not commercialize GM rice
    Resolution opposing GM rice trials passed by Setana Town, Hokkaido
    Statement by Shimane Prefecture regarding GM melon
    Applications made to Food Safety Commission for two GM foods
    Entangled discussions over the handling of human embryo

  • From Bio Journal - November 2003
    Trend: New Developments Concerning GM rice in Japan
    Task Force on GM Food established within Food Safety Commission
    Biotechnology related budgetary requests sharply increase (Nikkei Biotech 2003/09/29)
    METI finalises national law to enforce the Cartagena Protocol
    MAFF completes guidelines on prion disease animal experiments
    MHLW assesses environmental impact of gene therapy
    Appeal on discontinuation of GM crop cultivation adopted in Kanagawa Prefecture
    Closeup: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

  • From Bio Journal - October 2003
    Trend: GM crop R&D in Japan - Aichi pullback, Shimane starts trial on GM melon
    Update on activities of the "Informal Council on Bio-crops"
    GM natto sales postponed (Nikkei Biotech 2003/09/01)
    Ethics workgroup set up for 300,000 people gene bank
    Closeup: Second-generation GM Hybrids (hybrid crop varieties produced by crossbreeding two GM crop varieties)

  • From Bio Journal - September 2003
    Discussion on safety of genetically engineered animals to start in November?
    Toyobo etc. develop GM sweet potato
    Japan Medical Association protests to MEXT concerning genomic medicine
    MAFF formulates draft experimental guidelines for prion disease
    METI to start work on guidelines for the use of genetic information
    Closeup: GM soy destroyed

  • From Bio Journal - August 2003
    Dupont to conduct GM maize trial in Japan
    GM "pharm" crops R&D in Japan
    MEXT approves Gifu Univ's ES cell plan
    Japanese govt to ratify Cartagena BSP
    MAFF spending on rice genome: 45 billion yen in five years
    GM contaminated sweet corn imported
    Concern over teeth development due to herbicide use
    Tokushukai warms to the 300,000 person gene bank program
    Natto made from GM soy to be sold by retired professor
    Closeup: Animal cloning / The "resourcification" of the human body

  • From Bio Journal - July 2003
    GM papaya review goes to Food Safety Commission
    Enforcement of China's GM soy regulations delayed again
    Marubeni to represent GM rice developer Crop Design
    Total withdrawal of Mitsubishi Chemicals from GM rice development
    Plants to produce hepatitis B vaccine
    Reform of the organ transplantation law
    MAFF to produce guidelines on experiments into prion disease
    Close-up: Current state of GM rice variety development in Japan

  • From Bio Journal - June 2003
    Trend: External field trials for GM rice approved
    "Cloned cattle are safe" - MHLW research team
    MAT vector used for GE rice
    ES cell manipulation at Kyoto University and Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology
    Heated discussions over 300,000 person gene bank program
    The Post-Human Genome Project, ENCODE Project, gets underway
    Approval for production and sale of GM mouse
    Closeup: Two topics concerning regenerative medicine - patentization and economic stimulation

  • From Bio Journal - May 2003
    Regulations for genetically modified organisms come into force in Japan
    Fujishima Town implements a restriction on GM crop cultivation
    MHLW says no need to review GM food and allergy link
    MHLW to finalize report on fertility treatments
    MEXT approves Gifu University plan for use of ES cells
    Closeup: Program for bank of genetic information from 300,000 people begins

  • From Bio Journal - April 2003
    Virus-resistant GM papaya could be allergenic
    Hokkaido U. prof. to sell GM natto on Internet
    MHLW holds international symposium on molecular epidemiology
    MHLW postpones decision on Kyushu U gene therapy plan
    Closeup: Codex Task Force on Biotech ends

  • From Bio Journal - March 2003
    Trend: Somatic Cell Cloned Beef for Human Consumption
    Increased inflow of GM crops into Japan
    GM cyclamen developed by Hokko Chemical
    Unstoppable StarLink contamination
    Side-effects of gene therapy force temporary suspension of program
    Preparing the ground for the lifting of the ban on human cloning?
    MLHW solicits public comments on reproductive assistance medicine
    Closeup: GM crops acreage in 2002

  • From Bio Journal - February 2003
    GM tobacco field trial to be conducted in Bulgaria by RIKEN
    Cedar pollen allergen inserted into GM rice variety in Japan
    Citizens' victory in Takatsuki JT Bio court case
    MHLW postpones finalization of guidelines for therapeutic uses of human stem cells

  • From Bio Journal - January 2003
    De facto suspension of GM rice "Matsuribare" R&D
    MHWL announces continuation of gene therapy treatments
    Genetic samples taken from Fukuoka Prefecture residents
    Biotechnology Strategy Council complete draft guidelines
    MHLW approves sampling of cells from deceased fetuses
    Unsatisfactory reply over the unapproved cultivation of GE corn at Tsukuba U.
    MEXT finally approves Shinshu U. Program
    CBIC one year anniversary symposium
    Prediction concerning increasing genetic pollution
    Envisioned gene flow by pollen pollution from GM crop cultivation