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  • From Bio Journal - December 2008
    Agreement reached on lifting ban on production of reproductive cells from pluripotent cells
    Double screening for human ES cell research to be reviewed

  • From Bio Journal - November 2008
    A plan to use human ES cells in chemical substance toxicity experiment
    Guideline revisions towards clinical applications of pluripotent cells
    Data on GM crops, GM animals uploaded
    GMO approvals for August and October 2008

  • From Bio Journal - October 2008
    Nippon Paper continues with GM rice glasshouse trial
    Epigenetics researcher reports to MEXT working group

  • From Bio Journal - September 2008
    Contract research ends for cedar pollen allergy alleviating GM rice
    Many positive opinions on the production of reproductive cells from "pluripotent cells"
    Two proposals for the use of ES cells from Tottori University approved
    Closeup: Cabinet Office publishes results of a GM technology awareness survey

  • From Bio Journal - August 2008
    Joint committee on human embryo approves sperm donor volunteers
    Gene therapy: two new applications
    GM crop approvals for July 2008
    Closeup: Spilled GM canola spreading further

  • From Bio Journal - July 2008
    Trend: Many abnormalities in somatic cell cloned cattle, pigs and goats
    NIAS transplants cedar pollen allergy alleviating GM rice
    Negative opinion on the production of reproductive cells from "pluripotent cells"
    Discussion on ova provision by volunteers at the joint committee on the human embryo
    GM crop approvals for May 2008
    Closeup: Two international meetings on biodiversity

  • From Bio Journal - June 2008
    Kobe U. dumps GM E. coli bacteria illegally (Kobe Shinbun 2008/04/12)
    Deliberations on food products from somatic cell cloned livestock begin
    MAFF to review guidelines on GM crop cultivation
    iPS cell research symposium held in Tokyo
    Closeup: Discussion on production of reproductive cells from "pluripotent cells" reignites

  • From Bio Journal - May 2008
    Trend: Food from somatic cell cloned livestock; advice of Food Safety Commission sought
    Argument over production of reproductive cells from 'pluripotential cells' reingnites
    Four gene therapy patients die at Tokyo U Institute of Medical Science
    MAFF publishes GM food ingredient analysis results
    Meiji recalls chocolate manufactured with GM technology
    GM sugar beet cultivation to begin in US?
    Hokkaido: Cross-fertilization found at 20 times the distances in MAFF guidelines
    Cross-fertilization by airborne pollen found at surprisingly large distances

  • From Bio Journal - April 2008
    Science Council committee wraps up report on surrogacy
    GM crop approvals for February 2008

  • From Bio Journal - March 2008
    Forestry Agency's R&D on GM pollen-less cedar tree
    'Limited acceptance' of surrogacy - Science Council's Draft Report
    MEXT bans the production of reproductive cells from iPS cells
    Closeup: Is food from cloned livestock safe?

  • From Bio Journal - February 2008
    MAFF announces final report on GM crop promotion plan
    MHLW approves Okayama University gene therapy plan
    General agreement on 'limited acceptance' of surrogacy
    Japanese Democratic Party formulates draft bill for basic law on biodiversity
    Closeup: Appearance of human iPS cells will accelerate regenerative medicine

  • From Bio Journal - January 2008
    MEXT discusses production of reproductive cells from human iPS cells
    Science Council of Japan discussion of surrogacy under way
    Spider web gene used in the development of silk thread (Yomiuri Shinbun 2007/12/06)