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  • From Bio Journal - December 2006
    Results of MAFF inspection of US GM rice
    By-law on GM crop regulation goes to Takahata Town council
    Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine develops a GM technique using pollen (Japan Agricultural Newspaper 2006/10/18)
    New Riken project on human ES cells approved
    Opinions from the general public on human clone embryo research announced
    Policy to allow genetic modification of embryos for repromed only

  • From Bio Journal - November 2006
    Trend: Non-approved GM rice distribution: Japanese government has no effective countermeasure
    US superweed countermeasures
    Beet added to list of labelled GM foods
    Imabari City passes GM crop regulation by-law
    Results of MAFF survey of GM canola volunteers to be announced this fiscal year
    Safety assessment guidelines for nutritional supplements to be on agenda for Codex Sixth Session
    Bioethanol plant begins operation in Osaka (Nikkei Biotech 2006/09/25)
    GM approval data for October
    Closeup: Riken genetic data leak incident and the 300,000 person gene bank project

  • From Bio Journal - October 2006
    Unauthorized GM maize Bt10 being field tested in Shizuoka Prefecture
    Cedar pollen allergy GM rice harvested
    Cedar pollen allergy GM rice cultivation in Tokushima Prefecture (MAFF press release 2006/09/06)
    Establishment of citizens' executive committee on GM crops in Hokkaido (Mainichi Shimbun Hokkaido edition 2006/08/29)
    MAFF gets serious about bioethanol production (Japan Agricultural Newspaper 2006/08/22)
    Human ES cells approved for use in drug toxicity testing
    Human clone embryo report: Tokyo hearing held
    Closeup: The Story of the Non-approved "LL Rice 601"

  • From Bio Journal - September 2006
    Impact of long-term GM crop cultivation on environment
    MAFF announces state of investigation into GM canola volunteers
    Current state of bylaws and guidelines concerning regulation of GM crop cultivation in Japanese prefectures
    Suntory develops yellow GM flower
    Public hearing held on lifting ban on human clone embryo
    Production of reproductive cells from somatic stem cells being considered
    GM crop approval data for July
    Closeup: Development of GMOs for fuel ethanol

  • From Bio Journal - August 2006
    Wild GM canola continues to spread
    Nominren, Chubu no Kai survey of canola pollution
    Serious GM pollution in tofu and other soy processed foods
    Human embryo, agreement on ban on embryo transplanting and handling
    Closeup - Results of GM canola survey announced

  • From Bio Journal - July 2006
    NAIES GM soy outcrossing research
    GM rice transplanting at NARC
    METI supports pharmaceutical production from GM plants
    Metropolitan Tokyo government draws up GM crop cultivation guidelines
    Codex Task Force on Biotechnology WG meeting held
    GMO-free-zone movement begins in South Korea
    GM wheat symposium in Rome
    Preliminary draft report on human clone embryo
    June GM crop approval

  • From Bio Journal - June 2006
    Trend: Outdoor cultivation trials of GM crops begin again this year in Japan
    Cedar pollen allergenic rice transplanting goes ahead
    Region-of-origin mandatory labeling for tofu and natto (Japan Agricultural Newspaper 2006/04/25)
    Gratis donation of ova considered for human clone embryo
    Approval for production of reproductive cells from human ES cells
    April GM crop approvals
    Closeup: Iron-deficiency resistant rice.

  • From Bio Journal - May 2006
    Explanatory meeting on cedar pollen allergenic GM rice
    Four GM crops including paprika commercialised in China
    The latest GM food public opinion
    Environmental survey on GM canola
    Monsanto reveals future GM crop strategy (Nikkei BioTech 2006/03/27)
    Shinshu University adds three strains in human ES cell research
    Joint meeting on human embryo - serious discussions get under way
    Chiba Prefecture bylaw for Safe and Secure food comes into force
    Labelling for GM beet
    Ajinomoto's GM glutamine approved
    MAFF revises GM crop cultivation trials guidelines
    GM crop approval data for March 2006

  • From Bio Journal - April 2006
    Deliberations on GM papaya begin
    Imabari City work on an ordinance to regulate GM crop cultivation (Mainichi Shimbun Ehime edition 2006/02/26)
    Niigata Prefectural Agricultural Institute plans to create GM blue lilies (Mainichi Shimbun Niigata edition 2006/02/28)
    Human stem cells "from aborted foetuses" outside scope of guidelines
    Ban on donation of ova from women researchers in clone research
    GM approval data
    Closeup: High-lysine GM maize

  • From Bio Journal - March 2006
    Niigata: draft GM crop cultivation standards finalized
    Tokushima: GM crop cultivation guidelines announced
    Tsukuba City: "Policy on GM crop cultivation" framework takes shape
    Results of tofu GMO survey
    MEXT, MHLW hold joint meeting on assisted repromed
    Assessment of high-lysine GM maize begins
    Reevaluation of GM papaya begins
    GM blue rose approved for type-1 (outdoor cultivation) use

  • From Bio Journal - February 2006
    Trend: Niigata Prefecture announces "Outline of GM Crop Cultivation Regulations Bylaw"
    Possibility of influx of non-approved GM rapeseed
    Trial on suspension of outdoor cultivation of GM rice goes to formal litigation
    Fukuoka City adopts an opinion paper demanding pollution prevention from GM rapeseed
    MHLW and MEXT discuss human embryo
    Review of Type-1 Cultivation Guidelines for rice buffer zone only
    Cross-fertilization Monitoring Center to be established at Hokkaido University
    Symposium on "comprehensive consent" at Kitasato University

  • From Bio Journal - January 2006
    Somatic cell cloned cattle continue to show large number of abnormalities
    Cloned mini-pig at Kagoshima University (Western Japan Newspaper 2005/11/25)
    Niigata begins to formulate standards for GM crop cultivation regulation by-law (Mainichi Shimbun 2005/11/23)
    MAFF to initiate discussions for review of Type I usage rule
    MEXT considers reproductive cell production from human ES cells
    Closeup: Background to the new influenza strain pandemic hullabaloo