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  • From Bio Journal - December 2022
    [Sorry! No articles translated this month.]

  • From Bio Journal - November 2022
    Setsurotech to develop genome-edited sheep in Mongolia (Setsurotech 2022/10/13)
    Corteva Agriscience proposes international unification of genome-edited crop regulations (Nikkei Biotech 2022/9/13)
    Soy promotion plan announced in Indonesia (NNA ASIA Asia Economic News 2022/9/21)
    Nippon-Ham develops cheap, food-derived culture solution
    Commercialization of cricket foods continues unabated

  • From Bio Journal - October 2022
    Expanding patent disputes over Covid-19 vaccines
    Vaccine R&D base selected
    Cultured meat developed from edible blood serum
    Regional Fish to construct mammoth fish-farming plant (Regional Fish Co., Ltd. 2022/9/5)
    Euglena Co., Ltd. develops genome-edited euglena (Euglena Co. Ltd. 2022/9/9)
    Symbiobe Co. Ltd. initiates serious development of photosynthetic marine bacteria (Nikkei Biotech 2022/8/25)

  • From Bio Journal - September 2022
    Short-tailed fine-wool sheep developed through genome editing (Xinhuashe 2022/8/13)
    Results of MAFF FY2020 and FY2021 surveys on GM wild volunteers
    Genome-edited tomato to be labelled as a functional food
    TAKEO forms partnership with Nichirei (TAKEO 2022/6/28)

  • From Bio Journal - August 2022
    MHLW to establish a research team to consider the regulation of cultured meat (Yomiuri Shimbun 2022/6/20)
    Tokushima genome editing venture partners with Okinawan company (Nikkei Biotech Online 2022/7/12)
    Tokushima venture company enters cultured meat market (Nikkei Biotech Online 2022/6/23)
    Dr. Foods launches vegetable culture foie gras (Shokuhin Sangyou Shimbunsha (Food Industry Newspaper) News 2022/7/7)
    Fuji Oil Group enters alternative meat field (Alterna 2022/7/7)

  • From Bio Journal - July 2022
    Burgeoning biostimulant market
    Gryllus launches sales of cricket confectionery
    Liberal Democratic Party parliamentary alliance launched to promote cell-cultured meat

  • From Bio Journal - June 2022
    Genome-edited tomato puree sales launched
    Kidney xenotransplantation revealed (Tokyo Shimbun 2022/5/17, and others)

  • From Bio Journal - May 2022
    mRNA vaccines create huge market for the pharmaceutical industry
    Nissin Foods holds cultured meat sampling party with the University of Tokyo (Nisshin Foods Holdings, Inc. 2022/3/31)
    Gryllus enters the edible cricket and feed markets (Gryllus 2022/4/15)
    Launch of university-originated gene-editing plant venture (Grand Green 2022/4/13)
    Osaka University and Shimadzu Corporation jointly develop cultured meat (Osaka University 2022/3/28)
    Using plant-derived sugars as materials for bio-plastics applications (Nikkei Biotech Online Edition 2022/4/1)
    Moderna, Inc. sued for patent infringement (Nikkei Biotech Online Edition 2022/3/10, and others)

  • From Bio Journal - April 2022
    Development of genome-edited chickens moves forward in the world and in Japan
    Development of hypoallergenic wheat using genome editing at Yokohama City University
    Tokushima University venture company develops hypoallergenic crickets (Gryllus 2022/3/1)
    Demand to withdraw the use of genome-edited pufferfish as a Miyazu City hometown tax return gift (Mainichi Shimbun 2022/2/22)
    RIKEN develops novel gene expression technology (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, RIKEN)
    Development of Designer Cells as Pharmaceuticals (Nikkei Biotech Online 2022/3/18)
    Development of biofloc technology for onshore culture of genetically modified fish
    Cabinet approves revision of law to simplify drug safety assessment
    Convention on Biological Diversity COP15 meetings of subsidiary bodies held

  • From Bio Journal - March 2022
    Genome-edited food companies find inventive ways to promote products
    Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology to develop a genome-edited cricket (Nikkei Biotech, Online Edition 2022/1/25)
    NEDO launches a genome-editing industrialization network (Nikkei Biotech, Online edition 2022/1/25)
    Sushiro to develop cell-cultured tuna
    Signatures demanding labelling of genetically modified seeds and seedlings exceed 210,000

  • From Bio Journal - February 2022
    Will 2022 be the year when new applied biotech foods sweep the world?
    Genome editing and development moves forward with Euglena
    Increasingly active biomass production of chemical products

  • From Bio Journal - January 2022
    Rapid commercialization of genome-edited food in Japan
    It will soon be possible to distribute GM leaf mustard in Japan
    Labeling of high-oleic acid soybeans changed to conform with usual GM crop labeling
    Consumer Affairs Agency promises to reconsider hard-to-understand GM food labeling
    Miyazu City uses genome-edited pufferfish as a return gift for hometown tax payment
    Distribution of genome-edited tomato seedlings to elementary schools and facilities for the elderly
    Sushiro to collaborate on joint development of genome-edited fish
    Genetically modified rice cultivation tests begin in Tohoku region